Schneider SG-38 Schulgleiter

Kit:Huma (double kit SG-38 & Grunau 9); completed on 2008-06-28; the kit cost $10.45.
Aircraft:"SG-1" of Suomen Ilmapuolustusliitto (Finnish Air Defense League), operated from the Jämijärvi airfield in the mid-1940s. The aircraft is currently displayed at the Finnish Aviation Museum.
SG-38 in 1/72

SG-38 in 1/72

Construction Notes

The Huma kit is a very decent rendition of the SG-38. My only big complaint is that there are many "ejector pin marks" all over the various large parts (wings, fuselage). These had to be filled. Lots of small detail had to be added (e.g., control surface actuators, seatbelts, tail "skid" under the tail).

The kit's fuselage was warped, but rigging did its job and "stiffened" the fuselage and allowed me to straighten it. I used fishing line for rigging (colorless, but I colored it using a permanent marker).

The tail number is a home-made decal printed on clear laser decal paper.

References Used

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