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So Many Aircraft was started to explore the possibilities of sharing and distributing aircraft photographs mainly for the interest of scale modelers, aviation history buffs and other aircraft enhusiasts. SMA's goal is to distribute historically interesting photographs (e.g., to help scale modelers achieve a historically and technically accurate result in model construction). Our pledge, therefore, is that SMA's photographs are only minimally edited, and editing is limited to straightening the horizon, adjusting the exposure, cropping, etc. This is a personal choice and preference, inspired by the primary goal of documenting aviation history.

Ora Lassila is the founder of SMA. He is an aircraft enthusiast and scale modeler, and has been taking aircraft photographs since he was a teenager. He is the Webmaster and social media coordinator for SMA (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook). Pictures on the SMA Web site and in SMA's social media are his unless otherwise indicated. Ora is a member of the International Society for Aviation Photography, the Vertical Flight Society, the International Plastic Modelers' Society (IPMS/USA), the Commemorative Air Force, and volunteers as an information technology and strategy advisor to the New Hampshire Aviation Historical Society. Outside his aviation-related interests, Ora is a software architect and holds a Ph.D in Computer Science.

Products & Services

So Many Aircraft produces visual reference material for scale modelers and other aircraft enthusiasts. Here's what we offer:

Ora Lassila
Ora sitting in the cockpit of a Finnish MiG-21bis

Rights and Licensing

Photographs on SMA's social media are attributed to So Many Aircraft and are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License (CC-BY-NC). Unless otherwise stated, they were taken by Ora Lassila. If you are posting our pictures, you must provide attribution. Copyrighted photographs are available for purchase as well. SMA's books have photographs whose copyright © will belong to the individual photographers (they will be identified).
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This Web site uses the Bootstrap CSS/JS library, and was built using our own static site generator software (written by Ora). The font we use is Rosario (by Omnibus Type).


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